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From Jeff Mathena–Vocal Coach to Phil Wickham, Kari Jobe, For King & Country, Jordan Feliz, and Elevation Worship 

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Vocal Instruction

In-depth training that provides the knowledge you need to succeed.  

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Live Coaching

Live coaching and feedback, so you can be confident you're doing it right. 

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Built-in accountability to help you follow through with your goals.


"Jeff has given me really practical, simple ways to improve my voice, to heal it, to train it, and get it back to a place where it feels comfortable to sing again."

Platinum Recording Artist


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Featuring Jeff's one-of-a-kind instruction and insights that you won't find anywhere else. Come find out what makes Jeff's coaching so special and why his clients simply rave about their results. 

Vocal Breakthrough

Jeff's flagship course that will extend your range, improve your tone, and decrease your fatigue. 

Artist Breakthrough

Learn to sing with Artistry, without abandoning the great technique you've worked so hard to achieve.

Vocal Workouts

Your voice will never grow stagnant thanks to our library of standalone vocal workouts & warmups.

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For Apple and Android, The Unhindered Voice app makes it easy to take advantage of everything your membership has to offer, including courses, vocal workouts, community forums, and LIVE coaching from Jeff! 

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Being a member of The Unhindered Voice is not just about consuming content. It's also about being a part of a movement. You'll find people just like you that believe that the voice is a gift–worthy of excellent stewardship and refinement. The most encouraging place to train your voice is right at your fingertips. 

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Every LIVE event gets reposted inside the app. You can find those recordings and engage with other members inside the app's "Topics" section. With such a wide variety of content, you'll never run out of new things to experience.

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The following are completely unprompted  testimonials from real members, shared inside our private forums...


Rexburg, ID

Last night, when I went in to do the final vocals for my next release, I was amazed.  I have gone through Vocal Breakthrough twice and I’m almost finished with Artist Breakthrough.  I sang for 2 1/2 hours straight, hitting a wide range of notes. My voice felt more free in the studio than it ever has, and I had absolutely zero vocal fatigue. Even today, my voice feels great. I was able to hit all the notes with confidence by using the techniques I learned from Jeff. This program really works!!


Tulsa, OK

I had just found my chest voice after a lifetime of thinking I didn’t have one. But I sing like a completely different person now. And honestly the even bigger change has been my confidence. I’m SO thankful for how this program has literally changed my life.


St. Louis, MO

I just started this membership 2 weeks ago. I love me some Shane and Shane, but trying to sing with them has always annihilated my voice. My resonance was gone, and I had terrible vocal fatigue. Since becoming a member, I have a dimension to my voice that I’ve never known before. I finally feel like I’m making serious progress for the first time.


Dallas, TX

I've gotten to sing a few times since our church has opened back up and, Y'ALL, I feel a world of difference! Songs that used to worry me are no longer a problem.  I can trust my voice, even at a 6:30am call time. It has been SO freeing...Thank you, Jeff, for helping make quarantine super productive.


Port Arthur, TX

This membership has been exactly what I needed. Jeff’s coaching, the community, and the weekly LIVE calls all add so much extra. I would have just purchased a DVD set had it been offered, but the personable nature of this community and the fact that new content and topics are addressed each week make it so much better than a standalone product.


Greenwell Springs, LA

Joining this community is the best decision I could’ve ever made for my voice. I’m more confident, I have more sustainability, smoother more balanced tone, I’ve grown in knowledge about how the voice works, I’ve reached goals and set even higher ones. I see so much growth, and for that, I’m so thankful. Not to mention the friends I’ve made here along the way.Thank you, Jeff, for building this amazing community.


San Antonio, TX

I’m 54 and have been singing since high school. I thought my voice was set in stone, but this program has added notes (plural!) to my range and improved my tone immeasurably. Truly a Godsend.


Dubuque, IA

I never thought I’d be able to sing along with Kari Jobe…until now! I still can’t quite believe it. And, yet, there’s still so much more improvement to be had! I have loved seeing how much I’ve grown and how I have begun to love singing more and more.

Listen to What Jeff's Clients Have to Say About His Coaching.

Featuring Jordan Feliz, Joel Smallbone, Phil Wickham, Micah Tyler, Charity Gayle, and Chris Brown of Elevation Worship.



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