How would learning to use your voice with true Freedom & Authority change you life? More importantly, how would it change the life of the Church?

My Story

For years, singing was something to be accomplished, rather than to be enjoyed. I have since learned that the voice is a gift and that treating it as such is essential to reaching one's fullest vocal potential.

I have been a student of the voice for past two decades. During that time, I have learned that singing holds special significance in what it means to be made in God's image. Years of obsession and innovation have led me to where I am today...

I am the coach to the most influential voices in the Church, including Kari Jobe, Phil Wickham, Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, and more. I am a husband, a father, a worship leader, and a songwriter. I am currently on a mission to not only help you with your voice, but to help your congregation sing with freedom and authority.

My deepest desire is to hear the Church rediscover its potential as a singing, worshiping, warring body of believers–unified by the blood of Jesus and by the songs we sing in order to bring glory to his name.

“I am always amazed at how good I feel after working with Jeff, even after multiple days of heavy singing. There is just no one I trust more with my voice!”

–Cody Carnes


At The Unhindered Voice, we know you want to unlock the full potential of your voice and sing with power, confidence, and authority. You’ve heard other vocalists finally embrace their unique voice, and you’re ready to worship through song skillfully and confidently.


At The Unhindered Voice, we believe that God gave all people a voice to sing, but most do not know how to unleash their true sound. To become a great singer, you need mentorship and guidance that will liberate your God- given skill: instruction from someone who knows how to build your confidence, refine your technique, and overcome the negative beliefs that are holding you back.


Unfortunately, most singers and artists do not know how to unlock their full vocal potential on their own or even with a traditional vocal coach. Working alone to develop your vocal power and build your confidence, while remaining true to yourself is extremely difficult, if not impossible. The alternative, traditional vocal coaching, leaves you stranded because most coaches are more focused on conforming their students to industry standards than discovering each unique voice. This can leave you feeling unfulfilled and discouraged. You may even question why God seemingly didn’t give you enough skill to fulfill your calling.


I know how it feels to spend hours, weeks, and even years investing in repetitive exercises and that still leave you struggling to achieve a free, confident sound. Every singer has a longing to perform from the heart, hit high notes effortlessly, and worship with freedom, but most don't know how to fully tap into their God-given potential.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Singing is an integral part of God’s design for all of humanity and especially for those who love music.


Your voice isn’t the problem.


You were born for this.